Individuals claiming the Property Tax Credit have these options for filing their claims:

  • E-File (see below)
  • 2D Barcode, available through qualified tax preparers
  • Short form (paper)
    • MO-PTC - Use this form if you are:
      • Not required to file an individual income tax return;
      • Not filing a federal income tax return; and
      • Claiming a property tax credit only.
  • Long form (paper)
    • MO-1040 with MO-PTS (Form MO-PTS is included in the Form MO-1040 file) - Use these forms if you are:
      • Required to file an individual income tax return; and
      • Have positive or negative modifications (eg. railroad retirement); or
      • Claiming a miscellaneous tax credit; or
      • Have recapture tax or tax on a lump sum distribution.
    • Forms you can complete on your computer.

The Department of Revenue wants to ensure you use the easiest form for your filing situation. If you are unsure which form best meets your filing needs, use our Tax Form Selector. The Department of Revenue also offers free tax assistance.

E-File with your Tax Preparer

You may ask your tax preparer to e-file your federal and Missouri returns, provided he or she is an authorized Electronic Return Originator (ERO), or you can check the Internal Revenue Service's list of ERO's. If you are eligible for a Property Tax Credit and required to file federal and Missouri (Form MO-1040) income tax forms, you are eligible to e-file.