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  • 1099-G Inquiry

    Online access to 1099-G information for taxpayers that itemize deductions on the income tax return

  • Individual Income Tax

    Tax information, online services, and electronic filing information

  • Electronic Filing

    File your Individual Income Tax return online for the safest and easiest filing method.

  • Lien Search

    Search for certificate of tax liens by case number or debtor name.

  • Identity Theft

    Steps to take to prevent identity theft, and what to do if you become a victim

  • Military Information

    Helpful information for service members and their families stationed in Missouri, out-of-state, and overseas

  • Property Tax Credit

    Find information on who qualifies for the Property Tax Credit, how to apply, and what documents are required to receive the credit

  • Returned Refund Check

    Search, by name, to see if your refund check was returned to the Department of Revenue.

  • Software Vendors

    Forms, Guidelines, and other information for software vendors

  • Tax Professionals

    Resources and information for tax professionals

  • Driver Guide

    Electronic version of the Missouri Driver Guide

  • License Reinstatement

    Steps to take to get your license reinstated and explanation of actions on a Missouri record

  • DWI Information

    Administrative Alcohol Arrest and hearing process, chemical refusal, and DWI convictions

  • Limited Driving Privilege

    How to apply for and the requirements needed to obtain a limited driving privilege

  • Ignition Interlock Device

    Installer information, rules and regulations, and definitions and violations

  • Tickets and Points

    Information on the Missouri point system, the paying reinstatement fees, and a description of violations