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Law Change Archive

Effective August 28, 2009

House Bill 269

  • Requires authorization from the lienholder when an owner wants to add or delete a name on a certificate of title, to ensure the title is not inconsistent with the lien.
  • Modifies the waiting period for the issuance of a mechanic lien, as well as the notification requirements.

House Bill 427

  • Modifies the issuance of Purple Heart Plates. The $15.00 specialty plate fee will not be charged for the first set of Purple Heart plates issued to the customer. The fee will only be collected for any additional set(s) of Purple Heart plates issued to that customer.
  • Creates the "Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal" specialty plate.
  • Creates (and allows recipients of the Bronze Star Medal to apply for) the "Bronze Star Parking Placard". This placard authorizes the placard holder to park without charge in a metered parking space, if authorized by the local authority.

House Bill 683

  • Modifies the definition of ATV by increasing the weight to 1,500 pounds, and changing "low pressure" tires to “non-highway” tires.
  • Defines “Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle” as “any motorized vehicle manufactured and used exclusively for off-highway use which is sixty inches or less in width, with an unladen dry weight of one thousand eight hundred fifty pounds or less, traveling on four or more nonhighway tires, with a nonstraddle seat, and steering wheel, which may have access to ATV trails.” These units may not be titled or registered.
  • Authorizes biennial fleet registrations, and extends the time frame for an acceptable safety inspection for fleet vehicles to 120 days.
  • Allows a registered fleet owner to special-order “Fleet Logo Plates” for their fleet.
  • Requires the applicant for a temporary permit to show proof of financial responsibility (insurance).
  • Creates a "Brain Tumor Awareness" specialty plate.
  • Allows law enforcement to tow unattended vehicles in a non-urbanized area after 24 hours, and also allows law enforcement to tow a vehicle abandoned by a person evading arrest.