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Law Change Archive

Effective August 28, 2015 - House Bills 111 and 403, and Senate Bills 166, 254, and 456

House Bill 111

  • Eliminates all tax on manufactured homes.

House Bill 403

  • Eliminates the $15 specialty plate fee for second or subsequent set of Purple Heart plates.

Senate Bill 166

  • Changes the “I Have a Dream” license plate to the “Dare to Dream” license plate and will be implemented as a new plate when the plate design has been approved.

Senate Bill 254

  • Allows trailer and motorcycle license plates to be mounted horizontally or vertically on the left rear of the motor vehicle or trailer.
  • Amends the language regarding “Other authorized health care practitioner” to include physical therapists as having the authority to sign and certify that a person is disabled for the issuance of a disabled person license plate and disabled placard.
  • Directs the $10 donation required for the “God Bless America” specialty plate to the World War I Memorial Trust Fund.
  • Creates a new "Korea Defense Service Medal" specialty license plate.

Senate Bill 456

  • Allows an insurance company to use an electronically signed Power of Attorney in cases where an insurance company has paid or is paying a total loss claim for a vehicle or trailer.
  • Modifies the process for a motor vehicle dealer to buy or take a vehicle on a trade (used vehicle) and subsequently sell the vehicle without having obtained a title. The new requirements, prescribed in 301.213, RSMo, only apply to dealers who have filed a $100,000 bond with the Department and are selling a Missouri-titled vehicle without a title.
  • Allows the operation of a motor vehicle with transferred license plates for 90 days and allows the issuance of a temporary permit authorizing the operation of a motor vehicle or trailer for not more than 90 days if the selling dealer is selling the motor vehicle under the provisions of section 301.213, RSMo, and the title is not readily available at the time of the sale. Only licensed dealers can issue 90-day temporary permits.