NOTE: The information presented below is for historical purposes only, and may be out of date.

Law Change Archive

Effective August 28, 2013 - House Bills 103, 322, 349, and 428, and Senate Bills 148, and 252

House Bill 103

  • Allows the issuance of out-of-state collegiate specialty license plates approved by the Joint Committee on Transportation Oversight prior to August 2012.  The two plates authorized by this bill are the Arkansas Alumni- Go Hogs! and Pittsburg State University plates.
  • An applicant may receive—at no cost—up to two sets of registration plates or tabs per year for the replacement of stolen plates or tabs.  Applicant must present a notarized affidavit verifying that the plates or tabs were stolen; a police report will no longer be required.

House Bill 322

  • Allows motor vehicle operators to show proof of automobile insurance using a mobile electronic device (standard cell phone, smartphone, tablet computer, etc.).

House Bill 349

  • Any owner of a commercial motor vehicle whose vehicle is licensed in excess of 12,000 pounds may be issued a second license plate. The second plate will have the same configuration as the initial (front) license plate, but will bear a “2” sticker indicating that it is for the rear of the vehicle.

House Bill 428

  • Allows a letter of guarantee and proof of payment from the lienholder to be submitted to the Department in lieu of a notarized lien release when an insurer purchases a vehicle or trailer through the claims adjustment process. A letter of guarantee shall be on the insurance company’s letterhead stating that they are satisfying the lien.  Proof of payment will consist of a document produced by the lienholder verifying they have received payment in full.
  • Allows a public school or college to purchase a vehicle from any dealer to be used as a courtesy vehicle or a driver training vehicle. Previously the purchase had to be made from a new motor vehicle franchised dealer.

Senate Bill 148

  • The director may issue a salvage permit to an individual who possesses a salvage motor vehicle which requires a Vehicle Examination Certificate (Form 551). The operation of a salvage motor vehicle for which the permit has been issued shall be limited to the most direct route from the residence, maintenance, or storage facility of the individual in possession of such motor vehicle to the nearest authorized inspection facility and return to the originating location.

Senate Bill 252

  • Requires the Department to notify an applicant for a military license plate that he or she may make a $10 contribution to the new World War I Memorial Trust Fund, and that an applicant for a nonmilitary license plate may voluntarily contribute $1 to that fund. The Department will no longer solicit or collect contributions for the World War II Memorial Trust fund.

Effective July 6, 2013 - Senate Bill 23

Senate Bill 23

  • Replaces the state highway use tax with a state sales tax and imposes local sales taxes upon the titling of all motor vehicles, trailers, all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), vessels, and outboard motors unless otherwise exempt.