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Law Change Archive

Effective August 28, 2012 - House Bills 1150, 1251, 1402, and 1807, and Senate Bills 628 and 719

House Bill 1150

  • Modifies various provisions related to salvage and junk vehicles.

House Bill 1251

  • Modifies the definition of recreational off-highway vehicles.

House Bill 1402

  • Creates a new motor vehicle tax exemption.
  • Limits the issuance of fleet logo plates.
  • Changes the issuance of driveaway license plates and permits.
  • Authorizes a temporary third license plate.
  • Clarifies law regarding lien perfection.

House Bill 1807

  • Creates or modifies several specialty license plates.

Senate Bill 628

  • Modifies Section 32.056, RSMo, to add any state or federal judge or his or her immediate family to those groups that can prohibit the Department of Revenue from releasing information contained in its motor vehicle and driver license records.

Senate Bill 719

  • Changes the “Year Manufactured” designation on the certificate of title for a new outboard motor.