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Law Change Archive

Effective August 28, 2014 - House Bill 1735 and 1618, and Senate Bill 600

House Bill 1735 and 1618

  • Revises the definitions for all-terrain (ATV), utility, and recreational off-highway vehicles.
    • Some vehicles previously defined as utility and recreational off-highway vehicles now meet the definition of an ATV, which will require a title for proof of ownership. An applicant that purchases a used ATV on or after August 28, 2014, that was defined as a utility or recreation off-highway vehicle prior to August 28, 2014, may present a notarized bill of sale as evidence of lawful ownership when a certificate of title has not been issued for such ATV.
    • Recreational off-highway and utility vehicles are still not required to be titled or registered, however, characteristics regarding their weight, width, and use have changed.
  • Authorizes Sunday sales of motorcycles, motortricycles, motorized bicycles, all-terrain vehicles, recreational off-highway vehicles, utility vehicles, personal watercraft, or other motorized vehicles customarily sold by powersports dealers.

Senate Bill 600

  • The annual application fee of $15.00 for issuing the We Shall Not Forget specialty license plate will no longer be required.
  • Creates a new Woman Veteran specialty license plate.